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I am a realistic and contemporary figurative sculptor in England. I also work part time as a Doctor, teaching both undergraduates and postgraduates. Currently the majority of my time is focused on transforming many of the interactions I have with people, to sculpture.

In 2007 I started wood carving and felt that I had found my second calling after medicine. I attended multiple workshops in the USA, France, and Florence, Italy under the tutelage of well-known sculptors. After 8 years of sculpting freelance, I enrolled in the Florence Academy of Art for a three-year intensive programme in Classical Realism in Figurative art, graduating in 2018.

My knowledge of anatomy in medicine helps me tremendously in understanding and sculpting the human figure. I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity in my life to use this knowledge to bridge medicine and sculpture.

Florence Academy of Art

Having done so many consultations with patients, I was fortunate to walk through most of the human emotions on a daily basis. Their images of sorrow, happiness, remorse, sadness and loss are etched in my memory. The pain and joy I felt with them and their emotions, are part of my work. Having explored the facial anatomy and correlated how we see what is presented to us, capturing them in sculpture has been one of the most challenging yet humbling experiences.

I was always interested in psychology and fascinated by Dr. Paul Eckman. He is a psychologist & Professor Emeritus at the University of California, whose study of human emotions and expression I delved deep into. Connecting the anatomy with emotions became the alphabets of my work and the building blocks of me as a sculptor.

Art Renewal Center

As a child I was drawn to the human body and remember skipping school lessons to read Desmond Morris’s human behaviour in the public library. I feel my journey to sculpture has been the most fascinating and exciting part of my life.

My portrait sculpture was chosen to be exhibited at FACE 2019 La Galleria Pall Mall, London by the Society of Portrait Sculptors. The piece received a commendation for the Tony Stone award.

In 2019 I was honoured to have three of my pieces, two portraits and a Torso study selected as finalists in Art Renewal Centre (ARC). My piece 'Solitude' received the same accolade in 2020 and I am honoured to be recognised as one of the ARC Living Artists

I also exhibited few of my works at Foxlowe Gallery in Leek, UK from May - July 2019.

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