Mo Chaudry
Portrait Commission


Mo is a well known British Asian entrepreneur, property investor, leisure investor,motivational speaker and sports manager in Stoke-on-Trent, England. He was completing the M Club project in Festival park and had a lot going on in his mind as a consequence of this.

Once he commissioned me to sculpt his portrait, Mo was invited to sit for a few sessions. During these sessions I get an opportunity to understand the person. It shows me how their mind works, how they are seen by others visually, the way they hold their posture, and the specificities of their facial structures - what to pick out exaggerate or leave out.

During the sitting I decided where Mo's journey was at that current point and worked towards bringing that out in my work.


I like to let the sculpture depict his present state of mind. In this piece he had a lot going on in his mind with deadlines, deep thought and self questioning. Someone with a goal, but facing road blocks is the essence of what I wanted to capture in the portrait. There is always an interesting part in a commissioned portrait combining how the subject sees themselves and how I see them. Working towards how they like to see themselves is what I call the evolution process.

Once the commissioned portrait is completed, I give it a week or two and then revisit the piece to iron out anything I never saw initially and edit it as required. I then make a silicone mould and a mother mould to support it. This mould is taken to the foundry and a wax copy is made. Once a bronze copy is made, any unintended bits that are produced by the negative are amended and the edited piece is patinated. I tend to stay with traditional patinas.

Finally the piece is delivered to the client.

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The client's view of how a self portrait in bronze may guarantee him a place in history.