Bronze sculpture commissions


'The Statesman'

Mitch Shea: Sculpture Program Director, Florence Academy of Art, Florence. In this work I wanted to create a connection between what he represented to the viewer, and the realistic sculpture produced at the school. In his poise there is a sense of accomplishment and pride, he was a man deep in thought with a philosophical mind.

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My friend and fellow sculptor Eva, was a beautiful and happy soul. In her I wanted to capture the beauty of a young Greek girl on the threshold of womanhood. In comparison my other piece ‘Remorse‘, her soul was filled with joy and happiness.

Eva always brought the freshness of youth from Greece She was breathtakingly beautiful and to capture her was a sheer pleasure. She had excellent  features; I felt that I had to sculpt her. It was an opportunity to sculpt youth and unblemished beauty. She was one of the brightest girls and made the interaction very warm and rewarding. I intend to deliver her a bronze as promised.



Anna is a stage actress and model in her mid-thirties. I tried to capture the moderate degree of sadness that prevailed in her life at that time. Her head was held up high but the sadness in her eyes was evoking probable loss.


'Reflections of a soul'

Gaetano seemed to have had a full life gone past. He was in deep thought, philosophical and practical in his life. He seemed to be questioning the meaning of 'what was'. I wanted the viewer to feel his emotions through his gesture and pensive state.

This piece went to win a recommendation for Tony Stones Award in the FACE 2019 Society of Portrait Sculptors in London, exhibited in Pall Mall.

It was also selected as a finalist in the portrait category, by the Art Renewal Centre.

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Self Portrait

This work was challenging yet rewarding. I was going through moments of self-doubt in the previous few months.

I wanted to capture this subtle discomfort and deeper thoughts.

The turn of the neck looks up as if the subject was hoping for acceptance. However there also seems to be a degree of reassurance and determination within.

This piece was selected as a finalist in the portraiture category of the Art Renewal Centre in 2019.


Lt. Edward Cooper

1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards 

This portrait of an officer of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards was sculpted just prior to his departure to serve in an unstable part of the world. I wanted to capture his intensity and determination. His navy blue uniform with pins and a cross belt added to his status. As a young lieutenant commanding a small unit there was added weight on his shoulders and sense of responsibility beyond his age. The patina was chosen in tradition with his uniform.

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