Roman & Greek



Torso study. In this work I wanted to represent the male body at its prime representing strength, beauty and poise. I wanted it to embody beauty of human body without much words, just its presence. Gaston the model Argentinian of Italian origin. I felt he was an ectomorph with a beautiful physique which represented the Greek ideal which I was always fascinated by. In his figure I could relate to his athletic prowess. In this work I wanted to relate to the great Greek and Italian sculptors. I wanted to try and travel in time and felt I was working in a time gone. It was linking me as a human being to my ancestors physically and emotionally.



‘Venus’ Martina was a Roman teacher and a volley ball player. She was a symbol of female beauty and fertility. She had the fullness necessary to give the torso femininity without excess or less, a figure that can be seen in many paintings by William-Adolph Bougerau or of the earlier 16th century. Her torso epitomised beauty of a bygone era.

She was a lovely warm intelligent person and there was good chemistry and energy. Playing volley ball gave her a toned body which I felt would make a beautiful torso. It is always a journey getting these pieces to completion with little pitfalls on the way. I aim to pay homage to the Greek and Italian sculptors who made some of the best pieces.



Every civilisation has a rise and a fall. Palaces architectural feats conquests wealth beyond other societies of the time. The remnants of their conquests minds broken bodies mutilated cultures decimated. What remains is fragments of art as paintings and sculptures. In these pieces one can travel back in time invigorating our five senses and the sixth the sense of energy, the effort gone into each stroke by the artist, the sculpture mutilated giving a sense of what was.

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